Angsa Emas Jewellery

About us

Angsa Emas Jewellery was established on 18 August 2016. Our first shop was set up half a month later with the idea of small office in Bandar Baru Bangi. We lease an office segment and set up small display table to perform our operations. During early days, our business solely relies upon online activity, where our marketing only focus on social media-- Instagram and Facebook. Due to increasing in demand for the Angsa Emas Jewellery product, our small office become swarmed with clients who came to view and purchase our jewelry. 

Angsa Emas Jewellery is growing popularity as we are known as the jeweler who sells exclusive design jewelry. Our main focus is on exclusive designs such as Adore Collection, BVG Collection, Haagia Collection, Frivole Collection and a few other designs.

Angsa Emas Jewellery prioritize client's comfort while visiting our shop. Our staff is well-trained and prepared to deal with client with professionalism. Enhancing value for customer for the customer is a priority for us, and as a result, we have earned the trust of customers, either locally from Malaysia or from Singapore and Brunei. We likewise sustaining a wonderful and friendly workplace, and always encourage our people to evolve alongside with us. As the

Angsa Emas Jewelry brand is proceeding to grow, we are continually looking for different choices that we can embrace to serve our client better.

Now, after 6 wonderful years of our journey we have opened up three branches for our showroom in order to get closer to our customers. The showrooms are Angsa Emas Jewellery Bangi and Angsa Emas Jewellery Shah Alam. We aim to provide best service to beloved Angsa Emas Lovers with best gold quality and exclusive design jewellery.